Saturday, September 10, 2011

Corporate Vanity - A Good Haircut is a Must

As a Corporate Fashion Slave, one of the first things I splurge on is my hair. Many would disagree but I say otherwise.

First, your face (and your hair) are the first things people see. You do want to make a good corporate impression. Although, I must admit that I've been guilty of dragging myself to work with bedraggled, wet hair which I then proceed to tie into a bun.

Second, unlike clothes which you can't wear everyday, you "wear" your hair 24/7. If you splurge on clothes which you wear maybe 2 to 3 times a week at most, why not splurge on your hair as well since it's a part of your corporate wardrobe everyday.

Third, a good haircut frames your face, accentuating the good points and neutralizing flaws. It makes me feel good that my hair looks good. A good haircut also grows out well and can turn out to be a better deal than getting cheap haircuts every few weeks.

So, who does the Corporate Fashion Slave entrust with her hair? Louis Phillip Kee.

I tried Louis on a whim almost 7 years ago. Back then, he was just one of the stylists at Salon de Ken. One afternoon, I popped into Salon de Ken looking for Ken but he was away. The receptionist referred me to Louis and we really clicked. Since then, I have followed Louis to any beauty salon he transferred to until he finally opened his own salon in Bonifacio City. I have since recommended my family and friends to Louis and he has done wonders for their hair which is why they have become loyalists as well.

Here's a picture of his pretty salon in Bonifacio City. I love the wallpaper!

And how much was the damage - my haircut costs Php1480.00 (USD 37 approximate). Yes, at first glance, it does seem expensive. Let me do a cost per wear analysis:

No. of haircuts in a year: 3
No. of days in 4 months (12 months/3): 120 days
Cost/wear = P1480/120 days = Php12.33 (USD0.35)
(the price of a cup of coffee at the office vendo machine)

Viewed in this manner, a good haircut doesn't seem so expensive, don't you think?

Most stylists do recommend that you come back after 8 to 12 weeks to refresh your haircut. If you follow that rule, adjust the variables above accordingly. The computation above is merely illustrative and would likely apply to people who don't color or have their hair treated (i.e., rebonding). If you color your hair like I do, make the necessary adjustments. Since I am obsessed about my hair, I am willing to spend a bit more.

Here's a back view of my hair after cut, color and treatment:
I'm shy.
Where do you go for a haircut?

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement. I paid for my haircut and other treatment but did receive a discount (10%) for being a VIP client.

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