Monday, September 12, 2011

Corporate Fashion for Less: Bag Look-alike

On her recent trip to Seoul, South Korea, my sister brought home this bag for me. Doesn't she look familiar? Here's why:

Oak Mulberry Alexa in Buffalo Leather (Buy here)

My sister knew that I was obsessed with the Mulberry Alexa so she got me a look-alike which she got from one of the popular shopping haunts there. Having seen the actual Alexa up close and coming within five minutes from getting it (my mother found me just in time and gave me the "look"), nothing really compares to the soft, supple leather of the Alexa. Also, the colors are not an exact match with the Korean bag having a more orange-y tinge than the Alexa. However since the Korean bag was only Php3000 (USD 75 approximate), it was a good way to try out the cross-body bag trend without committing to the Alexa's 785 pound price tag.

Been using the bag for a while now for work and for weekends and it's getting pretty beat up. I actually like the fact that I can sling the bag across my back since it's very convenient. The bag does get heavy and I think the Alexa will have the same problem. 

I may still get the Alexa in the future when I see one for a good price. Since the Alexa is looking to be a part of the permanent collection of Mulberry, I'm hoping to get the real thing very soon...unless my eyes wander towards the Celine Luggage Tote. But that's another blog post all together.

Do you buy look-alike bags to test trends?


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  3. Melvel and I had a discussion on knockoff bags ( I bought Alexa Oversized knockoff in Bayo for just almost P2k and it's a good thing I did because I realized that I'm not too comfortable with the satchel type of bags. And it does get too heavy. So good thing I was able to try the Alexa through a cheap knockoff :) hehe.