Thursday, September 22, 2011

Corporate Fashion: Touch of Pink

Nearly forgot to take an outfit post today. Still new to capturing my daily outfit posts. Here's what I wore:

Sorry for the blurry shot. I need a new lightweight camera. But thanks to my lovely officemates, Kathy, for taking time out from work to take this picture.

What I'm wearing:

The top is by Religioso. I bought this over 5 years ago! At that time, it was around 2500php (USD60 approximate). A bit steep for just a top but I fell in love with the cowl neckline and the flattering cut. I'm happy it's turned out to be timeless and wearable even until today. I guess it pays to invest in some classic pieces.

The belt is from SM Department Store for under 300php (USD8 approximate). I loved the pop of pink it brought to my outfit. I love how wearing different belts can change the look of an outfit. I have a feeling my pink-loving sister will be borrowing this belt.

Cream pants are from K and Company. It's also more than 5 years old. Been thinking of doing the colored bottom trend but since I'm very conscious about the lower bottom part of my body, this may be as far as I would go in that department. But never say never.

Thanks for stopping by!

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