Saturday, October 1, 2011

Corporate Fashion: Black Suit

You really need the essential pieces in your office wardrobe. One of them would be a black suit. I took a break from sartorial experimentation to don a simple black suit since I had a hearing and had to conduct a cross-examination of the other party's witness. Here's what I wore:

Black suit by Theme, Scarf by Forever 21, Shoes by Nine West

The picture was taken at night since I got back so late from my hearing. My basic black suit is from Theme, a brand known for their corporate wear. You can find their stores here in the Philippines as well as in Singapore and Hong Kong.

The scarf is from Forever 21. You can't see it too much from the photo but it's a leopard print in gray. I like adding scarves to jazz up my suit. Unfortunately, it leaves me open to joking remarks from my office mates as to when my next flight would be as they associate scarves with flight attendants.

Wearing my basic Nine West peep toe pumps.

If clothing was armor, then the black suit should be one of the first lines of defense.

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